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Arbutus Greenway Ride Report - August 16th

We once again tackled the in-progress Arbutus Greenway last night to see how construction is progressing.  We last tried it out about 2 1/2 weeks ago; quite a bit of progress has been made since then!

This trip only involved a subset of the route - it was decently dark by the time we reached the path so we avoided some of the less developed sections, especially where nothing had changed since the last time we adventured that way (South of 41st specifically).  We also skipped the bottom section between Granville Island and 10th Avenue choosing instead to ride through Kitsilano.  Here's what's new:

  • 10th Avenue through 16th Avenue: The path is now fully cleared and gravel has been laid down. No more blackberries, potholes, broken glass or other hazards. No pavement yet but a decently rideable gravel path is in place.

  • 16th Avenue through King Edward: Still totally awesome. Still no crossing at either end - be careful here especially with traffic turning left off of Arbutus crossing the route.

  • King Edward to 33rd Avenue: Now fully paved! Woohoo! 

  • 33rd Avenue to 37th Avenue: The beginning stages of paving were happening here prior to the few residents deciding to literally sit in front of the city equipment.  The first 200-300m of the path starting at 33rd Avenue has a very fine gravel laid down which was meant to be the base for the asphalt layer; this fine gravel is not at all bike friendly. The shoulders of the path are hard packed dirt and are much more rideable.  Past that the route returns to packed gravel for the remainder of the path up to 41st Avenue.  The gravel in here is a bit soft in spots so use caution.

  • 37th Avenue to 41st Avenue: This section is now cleared and gravel has been laid down.  Much like the rest of the route there are no street crossings set up yet; the intersection at 41st Avenue is particularly confusing if you're not familiar with how the traffic lights operate there.

Everything south of 41st is still in its "rails just removed" state with leftover ballast, glass, random metal chunks, etc - sections are ok for daytime rides on a trail bike but not suitable for the skinny tire crowd.  We chose to skip that section riding instead on a mix of East and West Boulevard.

One new stopping spot that has emerged from this is Riverview Park - this lovely park on the hill faces South towards Richmond, specifically the airport.  If you like watching planes come in to land / take off then this park is for you!



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