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Hey all you happy people! We aren't far away from putting together our annual social ride calendar! Generally we try and nail things down around the end of January or beginning of February so that we can have it all published and shared around the interweb
Bryn Tuesday, December 20 2016 0 481

Ah, the good old days! Check out this great video put together by a friend of mine. Includes clips from many different group rides over a few years. :)
Bryn Wednesday, November 16 2016 0 513

We once again tackled the in-progress Arbutus Greenway last night to see how construction is progressing.  We last tried it out about 2 1/2 weeks ago; quite a bit of progress has been made since then! This trip only involved a subset of the route - it was
Bryn Wednesday, August 17 2016 0 526

A few years ago we started a Facebook page for folks who have had their bikes stolen; the idea was to provide a space where people could try and deal with bike theft at the community level.  See a deal on Craigslist that's a little too good to be true? Che
Bryn Thursday, August 4 2016 0 569

Growing up on the West side of Vancouver back in the '80s and '90s the trains along the Arbutus corridor were a part of every day life.  Back then a little switcher loco hauled a few grain cars back and forth between the Marpole sorting yard and the Molson
Bryn Tuesday, August 2 2016 0 619