Bring 'The Best of Led Zeppelin' album (as pictured) on your player/speaker/system, big or small. It's NOT compulsory to bring any kind of system to participate on the ride, come and ride and rock out as we ride into the sunset:-)

Meet by the gazebo inf Crab Park for 7.45pm. We ride at 8.15 sharp.

After we synchronize the music, we will head out under Canada Place for some early acoustical bliss in the tunnel for a track or two, then on round the Seawall towards Stanley park, stopping again for a track or two in the tunnel under the Causeway. We end at Third Beach to watch the sun set at 9:20 to the masters guitars.

Don't forget to decorate/light your bike and perhaps bring your air guitars, the dollar store sell them!

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Bikes Are Good!
Date startFriday, June 16 2017 - 7:45 pm
Date endFriday, June 16 2017 - 11:55 pm