A bicycle, a Mexican wrestling mask/costume, and a few loco friends are your ingredients for success!!! We were also advised that if we didn't do this event again, that our tequila would be taken away! So thank you in advance for your support!
And remember your resistance to The Flying Monkey's "rolling revolution of fun" is futile! Stay tuned for more details...

Safe Fun Guidelines:

- a working bike, do a pre-check of your tires, brakes, etc. No one wants to work on your bike but breakdowns happen

- lights, lights, lights! Ensure they are charged. And did I mention lights?

- If in costume with a cape, ensure that your cape does not come in contact with your rear wheel, this is a party not a hanging!


We are all responsible for our own safety, if you feel that you are unable to maintain this for yourself and others, please do not attend. We desire only fun for all. If you choose to wear a mask while riding please ensure that you have the visibility necessary to operate your bicycle safely for yourself and around others. If you choose to wear a cape, ensure that it is short enough so that it does not get caught up by your spinning rear wheel! Please adhere to the usual road rules when "bikeling"! Let's put smiles on the faces of those that see us and are not part of this celebration. This is what it is about. Love our VanCity and respect it! Please, please clean up after yourself, we do not have resources to do so. Mucho gracias!


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Date startSaturday, July 16 2016 - 4:00 pm
Date endSaturday, July 16 2016 - 11:00 pm