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Vancouver’s Cargo Bike Revolution

Vancouver bike culture is changing. Fast. And a big part of that shift can be seen in the type of bicycles people are choosing to ride. Freight bicycles, or as they are more commonly known – cargo bikes – come in all different shapes and sizes, but their function remains the same: to transport a load (sentient or otherwise) larger than is practical on an ordinary bicycle. While they have become increasingly common on our streets, we have every reason to believe this represents the tip of the iceberg, and that the conditions on the ground in Vancouver are ripe for a cargo bike revolution.

The First Cargo Bike Championship

Motivated by a distinct lack of availability on the local retail market, Modacity decided to organize Vancouver’s very first Cargo Bike Championship (or Svajerløb, as it is known in Copenhagen) on May 29th, 2015. Working in partnership with our friends at HUB Cycling and Urban Systems Ltd. during the annual ‘Bike to Work Week’ celebration, we had an amazing response: ending up with 37 participants on longjohns and longtails of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. They raced around the seawall, competed for (donated) prizes, and demonstrated the endless possibilities of a cargo bike to a captive audience of several hundred onlookers.


Building On That Success - Vancouver's 2nd Annual Cargo Bike Championship

We are building on that success in 2016, and returning with an even bigger and better event during HUB’s ‘Bike to Work Week’ Wrap-Up BBQ at Creekside Park from 4-7pm on Friday, June 3rd, 2016. Join us for a fun afternoon racing all types of cargo bikes around the park, with the chance to win one of the great prizes that have been donated by our generous sponsors. This year, we are asking entrants to register for the event - with a small fee to cover administrative costs - to help the event run smoothly. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 1st at Midnight.


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